Green Hills Market embraces healthy diets that taste good with free nutritional seminars

One participant, okay it was my dad, raised his hand and said after reading Cornell Professor Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book "The China Study," he said he went to one of his lectures and asked him, "Can you give me an actual diet to follow?" Campbell said, "Read my book." He had read the book, but he needed some concrete plan on how to change more than 80 years of not necessarily eating properly. Dad has coronary heart disease and recently developed diabetes type II, but is otherwise in good health. He is also a caregiver for my mother, so he has now become the cook after a life of being the cookie.

Klopocka-Niemiec said, "We can not make sweeping recommendations like just eat vegetables."

An all-vegetable-diet may work for some people, but could have disastrous results for others because each of us produces different enzymes in varying degrees, so our requirements are not the same.

Another participant said she was allergic to soy and other beans, too -- so it is hard for her to get protein without eating meat, poultry or seafood. Klopocka-Niemiec said exactly, but also with every dietary problem there is always a "solution." For example, if you are sensitive to beans try lentils.

"You can minimize a sweet tooth with a proper diet," Klopocka-Niemiec said.

She said instead of limiting something we crave -- balance it with good food. An example is: if you have a handful of raw almonds it is satisfying, where as with a handful of salted almonds, we tend to crave more -- it's the salt talking to us. Cookies often have us craving more cookies where one piece of fruit is often enough.

She said that herbs and spices are underestimated in that just a little gives us great flavor and also there are many essential nutrients. She said that dried herbs would retain their nutritional value, but need to be thrown away after expiration date.

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