WG 7th graders share 'wit and wisdom'

West Genesee seventh-graders in Diane Stukey's class recently had the opportunity to put their own spin on the quote, "We're all mad here," from Lewis Carroll's classic "Alice in Wonderland."

Each student was charged with sharing their wit and wisdom by telling what makes them mad.

Here are the students' struggles:

I hate when teachers give us heavy textbooks.

Brad Till

I get so mad when people throw up next to me on the school bus.

Jackson Powell

It really bothers me that kids don't do their homework; that's what the morning bus ride is for.

Dan Leo

I get mad when my dad wakes me up on the weekends to ask me what I want for breakfast.

Billy Mulroy

It's disgusting when my dad stirs his rice and applesauce together.

Alexis White

I get mad when my brother licks his fingers after he's done eating.

Dan Leonard

I get so mad when I squirt the ketchup bottle and a bunch of water comes out.

Diana Pugh

I get red hot mad when I get a big homework assignment.

Hunter Hopkins

I get so mad when my cat leaves a present on the front porch.

Morgan LaVallee

I get so mad when my mom sleeps on the couch and snores and I'm trying to watch TV.

Natalie Discenza

I get really annoyed when my dad sings and I'm not in a good mood.

Dina Cavallaro

It is so disgusting when my little brother chews with his mouth open. But if I tell him to stop, my mom yells at me to mind my own business. Then she yells at him!

John Buttner

I hate when my dad dips his chocolate chip cookies in the spaghetti sauce.

Andrew Bussone

I hate it when I drink Coca-Cola right after I drink chocolate milk.

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