Really wanting a Council seat

Now, if you go to the Caribbean, they don't look at your eyes. Not because they're lying, but that's the way that they respect. People in America, if you are telling people what you're planning to do, but you're looking to the street, how can they tell if you're telling the truth. I think your eyes are the window of your soul.

Back in the mid-Eighties, there was a silent agreement politically, that the 4th District Common Council seat would go to an African-American. Should there also be a designated Council seat for the Hispanic community?

I think that the person who represents, whether Hispanic, African-American or anybody, has to be a person who is qualified for the job. I don't see myself as running for the Hispanic community. I'm running for everybody, because I believe that senior citizens, the Irish community, the Italian community, the Hispanic community and everybody else has to choose a person that will do the right job for them. If I get elected I have to listen to everybody, not just the Hispanic community. I know that my community is going to be proud once I get elected. But that doesn't mean I will just be for the Hispanic community.

What are the major issues that you want to work on?

One of the issues I would love to work on is education. This is my passion. When you are educated, you have the key to success, and you will be able to open different doors. I know that minorities in the Syracuse school district are dropping out, a lot, left and right. I would like to see that changed. Another thing is the crisis we're going through with the money. I think I'm a very quick learner, so I will learn how to figure out ways to do better with that.

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