Marathon Golfer for a Cause

It would seem simple to ask Manlius resident Doug Cronin, 30, if he is a golfer who runs or a runner who plays golf. The answer is not so simple. Doug Cronin is a scratch golfer and an Ironman competitor. So, he generally shoots par or better on the golf course, and runs (26.2 miles) swims (2.4miles) and bikes (112 miles) in the Ironman events.

So, this year, when Cronin made his annual commitment to compete in the McMahon-Ryan Child Advocacy golf event he combined his two passions. Twenty-two other golfers committed to play 100 holes of golf at Skaneateles country club, the home course of Don Lemp of Lemp Jewelers - who came up with the concept of 100 holes of golf for MRCAS. Meanwhile, Cronin committed to the 100 holes with the added twist that he would run the course while he played.

Teeing off at 6:44 a.m. Cronin followed his drive down the fairway at a run, with caddy Jim Sisson and this reporter following in a cart. Cronin would grab a club, run to the ball, size up and hit his shot, exchange clubs with Sisson and run to the ball. {Q}His first round took an hour and a half, and he shot six over par.{Q}

He didn't expect to shoot his normal scores or run his normal pace for obvious reasons, but most golfers and runners would envy his day's work on the Skaneateles Country Club course. At 4:12 p.m. he tapped in his final putt of the day on hole number 100. He had covered almost 31 miles (a marathon is 26.2) and swung a club around 450 times. He expected to expend about 8000 calories for the day and tried to replace some of them with fruit, energy bars and energy drinks from a bag in his cart.

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