Pumper finds new home at Mottville Fire Department

In January 2008, the Mottville Fire Department began planning for the newest additions to the company's firehouse -- a new squad truck for moving people and small equipment, and a rescue pumper.

Chief Tim Baker said the eight-person committee charged with choosing the trucks began meeting once a month and then more frequently to figure out what the department wanted. When the time came, they narrowed the search down to manufacturers and readied themselves to put out bids on the equipment.

"You still don't know what you're going to get until you put it out to bid," Baker said.

At bid time, the department received just one and it was the one they had hoped for, he said. The new pumper -- which is more like two trucks in one -- is a custom built E-ONE which is being outfitted with the necessary apparatus by Syracuse-based company Absolute Emergency Vehicles and Equipment, which is also a local E-ONE dealer.

"We'll call it a rescue pumper, but what it is is an engine with a heavy rescue pumper," Baker said, adding that the engine is outfitted with an HRT system, or hydraulic rescue tool.

The HRT system allows a rescue crew to get out of the truck at a scene and immediately begin using tools like the Jaws of Life without having to wait for the system to be manually turned on.

"It saves time. It saves lives," Baker said.

While the pumper is an awesome addition to the firehouse's fleet, it likely won't go into service until Memorial Day weekend, he said. Currently, the volunteers who staff the company are getting used to the truck and using it for training so when it does get rotated into use, everyone will be ready to go and know how to handle the tools.

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