BoE Spotlight: WG candidate Doreen Plony

With two meetings a month, the board is relatively limited in what it can accomplish. How should the board decide what is most important?

The board of education, based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, should prioritize the issues to be decided upon. Included in the process is consideration taken from concerns of the Community. Anything that affects the safety of our students, I believe, would be considered top priority.

What are the current challenges facing the board?

One of the current challenges facing the board of education is contending with the Federal and State mandates placed on our school districts. The challenge comes into play when our government falls short on supplying the funding needed to comply with some of these mandates. The school board must be fiscally responsible to the community, continuing to make our schools safe and secure, achieving educational excellence, while having minimal impact on our taxpayers.

What do you think will be the board's biggest challenges in the next three years?

Preparing the budget for the school year, I consider a continuously challenging task. We need to be creative and think outside the box in order to reduce costs for our community without impacting the education and extra-curricular activities of our children.

If it becomes necessary to make significant budget cuts, to what extent should the community be involved in deciding where such cuts should be made?

If significant budget cuts become necessary, I believe all people involved must be equally represented to make the difficult choice of determining where our district should cut back. Each should work together while making informative decisions for the well-being of our student population. The board of Education would represent the students, families and taxpayers devoted to decision-making in the best interests of our students, in order to prepare them for the future, while living in an increasingly competitive environment.

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