Happy 1st Anniversary MFL :One year old and still going green

Built last year, the Marcellus Free Library is the first "green" public building in Marcellus and the only "green" library in the county. Celebrating their first year in their new location on Maple St. the Marcellus Free Library has continued their dedication to "green technology" by installing solar panels. The average passerby might not notice the new panels atop the roof of the building as they blend in well with the existing structure.

Installed last week, enhancing the "green" features and reducing the library's carbon footprint the library has installed a 16.2 kW (16,200 Watts) solar (photovoltaic) array on the south-facing, second-story roof of the library. A photovoltaic cell, solar cell or PV, is the technology used to convert solar energy directly into electrical power. There is no equipment needed for storage or processing. "The Board of Trustees expects the array will produce a significant portion, though not all, of the electricity consumed annually by the library, thereby reducing the library's annual utility cost." said Board of Trustees member Steve Kankus.

Generally systems of this nature and size can be rather expensive. By using the NYSERDA's Solar Electric Incentive Program in combination with the New York State's Public Library Construction Grant the Library was able to cover the entire cost of the solar panel system.

"It is hard to believe we have been in our new building one year. Our community has embraced this facility and we couldn't be happier. Circulation has greatly increased and program attendance has more than doubled since we have opened the doors on Maple St. Moving ahead with our solar project is very exciting and we are looking forward to further lowering our utility costs with this system. Visitors will be able to see how much power is being generated by the solar panels through an LCD display screen in the library lobby." said Library Director Carol Johnson.

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