Juniors get crash course on drunk driving

"Now that victims family has to start planning the final arrangements," Beveran said.

"[There is] no opportunity to say goodbye," Marventano added.

Survivors in need of medical attention at the mock scene were taken by ambulance and New York State Police helicopter to University Hospital, which is approximately a three-minute flight from Skaneateles, Beveran said.

Being in a fatal accident is not the only consequence to drinking. Marventano spoke to the students about alcohol poisoning.

"People your age and weight, alcohol poisoning can kill you," he said. "Mix that with smoking marijuana or taking a pill and it can kill you."

When caught driving while intoxicated, police may administer field sobriety tests which could include asking the suspect to say the alphabet, checking their coordination by having them touch their finger to their nose and walking a straight line.

It isn't just drinking and substance abuse that can lead to motor vehicle accidents among teens. Though speed and alcohol are the number one killer of youth in the United States, cell phones are beginning to be recognized as a big distraction -- and it's because of texting.

"We see you texting," Marventano said. "You ask, 'How can you tell?' We see you swerving. I'm thinking, at first, you're intoxicated. ... It's dangerous."

He recalled an accident on Genesee Street in which the driver dropped his cell phone and reached over to grab it. He went off the road and hit a utility pole.

"Nobody deserves to be the victim of somebody's stupidity," Marventano said.

Marventano and Beveran opened the talk up to questions from the audience. One question revolved around the number of accidents such as the one Wednesday. According to Beveran, SAVES responds to between six and 10 of these types of accidents each year.

"Think about the sheer volume of people this affects," Beveran said.

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