The Solvay Process: Walls poems to be part of UVP

This exhibition will be projected onto Syracuse Buildings and will features the work of local poet Martin Walls excerpted from his new book The Solvay Process, an introspective collection of poetry that explores Walls' social life, including his observations of life while living in Central New York and in the village of Solvay near Syracuse.

Solvay is also the home of the Solvay Process Plant, a soda ash manufacturing

facility that closed in 1985. For the UVP exhibition, selected poetry from

the book, such as Ode to the Steelworkers, Route 298, Rock Salt and Post-Industrial City will be combined with historical photographs of the Solvay Process Plant borrowed from the Solvay Public Library.

{Q}"I thought Martin's use of the photographs was very unique in that he was

tying it in with poetry," says Cara Burton{Q}, director of the Solvay Public Library. "The photographs Martin chose from the archives were both industrial photos of the plant, but they almost appear artistic from the angle they were taken."

Walls, who was born in Brighton, England, moved to Solvay via Indiana in

1999. While working for Eagle Newspapers, he became founding editor of the Solvay-Geddes Express, reviving a community paper that had been out of print for 70 years.

In addition to a community journalist, Walls has been a teacher, music journalist, magazine editor and soccer referee. He is now communications manager of the Syracuse Center of Excellence. This is Walls' third book of poems. His two previous works are Small Human Detail in Care

of National Trust (New Issues, 2000) and Commonwealth (March Street,(2005). Walls is a Witter Bynner Poetry Fellow of the U.S. Library of


"I've known Martin's poetry for a long time and what I find striking is he

mixes the English tradition with the Japanese tradition of short-form poetry

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