Handout aims to torpedo Bridgeport sewers

{Q}"Again, these are all things that have been publicly discussed at great length," Becker said. "It is an outright lie that the town board has not made the public aware of the financial burden of this project. The cost per property owner will vary some, but we have told everyone up front what it would cost for the past four years that we've worked on this project."{Q}

Power outage will render system unusable

Knutsen addressed this question repeatedly at meetings about twice a month for the last several months, Becker said, most recently at the March 4 public hearing.

"He never said the system could not be used during a power outage," Becker said. "He stressed that people would have to conserve water, as they would in any emergency situation."

The document also implies that sewer backflows into homes would be possible during power outages.

Knutsen and Lawton repeatedly explained the system of check valves built into the system to prevent backflows, avoiding problems experienced in nearby Cicero.

Cost overruns exceeding the $14 million loan will have a higher interest rate

"The project can't go over $14 million [because of funding agency requirements], or there won't be any project," Becker said. "Since we're getting a $14 million loan at 0 percent interest, I guess you could say, yes, anything else would likely be at a higher interest rate."

Properties are under-assessed

"That was not my assertion, that was the state Office of Real Property Services," Becker said. "I think our assessments are fine the way they are."

Becker said at the March 4 meeting of the Sullivan Town Council that ORPS was pressuring towns to bring their assessments up to 100 percent and recently issued Sullivan correspondence indicating the town's assessment rate was only at 80, having dropped 7 percent over the past year.

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