Handout aims to torpedo Bridgeport sewers

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Just seven days before a public vote on the $14 million proposed Bridgeport Sewer District project, an anonymous individual or individuals began delivering a four-page anti-project handout to homes in the Bridgeport/Lakeport area.

"A concerned citizen stopped and gave it to me at my home this afternoon," said Supervisor John M. Becker Saturday March 21. "They are being stuck in doors along the lake."

According to Becker that individual, whom he would not name, said he needs sewer service because his septic will soon need to be replaced and he doesn't have a lot big enough to accommodate a new septic system.

Becker said he wasn't surprised when he learned of the effort.

"I figured this was coming because some small-minded people along the lake don't want sewers, and they have selective hearing," Becker said, adamant that the document contained gross misinformation and misleading statements. "All of this stuff has been discussed and explained at the many meetings we've had regarding this project."

In a point-by-point review of the document, Becker addressed what he described as negative propaganda by a vocal minority that wants to see the project fail.

Following are the major points of contention contained in the document, followed by the comments of town officials and engineers.

Hooking up contains hidden costs

"All the costs of hooking up will be picked up by the district, except to run the lines from the house to the grinder pump," Becker said.

According to engineers Kenneth Knutsen and Christian Lawton of Barton & Loguidice Architects and Engineers, those grinder pumps will be located near the residence in order to have a readily available power supply.

Becker said the town is working to get nearly $500,000 in grant money to help those who cannot afford to hook up to the system do so. He said property owners in the district will have up to 24 months to hook up to the system, which would give residents some time to plan and save.

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