Ray sixth-graders celebrate Pi

On March 16, three administrators in the Baldwinsville Central School District each took a pie in the face to cap off Ray Middle School's sixth-grade celebration of pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Pi is an irrational number that will continue infinitely without repeating. Pi day is observed on March 14 in recognition of pi's decimal representation - 3.14.

The sixth grade had a "pi-off," and the three students on each sixth-grade team who could recite the most digits of pi were awarded the opportunity to hit three administrators with pie as the rest of the sixth-grade class watched. Geoffrey Morton, Ray's principal, Christopher Campolieta, assistant principal, and Richard DeLisle, Baldwinsville's director of curriculum and instruction for kindergarten through seventh grades, were the lucky pie recipients. The winning students were Dan Lundy, Paige Dickter, Maria Diamond, Rebecca Jones, Colin Lewis, Bryn Judkins, Sam Smith, Brooke Atkinson and Gabriel Goulding.

The previous week, Ray's sixth-graders participated in other pi-related activities including making key chains, creating shirts to wear to the pie throwing and graphing the digits of pi to reinforce their understanding of the irrational number.

Paige Dickter, a sixth-grader at Ray Middle School, smashes a pie in the face of Richard DeLisle, director of curriculum and instruction, grades K-7, for the Baldwinsville Central School District. Watching are math teachers (from left) Deborah Kirkendall and Ashley Quinn.

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