Creative minds make great inventions

"It won't come off with dry paper towels," Sauro advised.

The young inventor wasn't thinking only of kids when she created "Write On!" Sauro was thinking about adults, too. Particularly the ones she sees every day from September to June.

"For teachers it take the place of white boards an paper," she said.

As first place winner at DMS, Sauro's invention will now be sent to Invent America!, the national Invention Convention competition.

With a ton of cool inventions from students at DMS, it makes you wonder what the little ones from K.C. Heffernan cooked up.

"Fire Safety Buddy" creator Patrick Morocco, a second-grader, wants to be sure that in the event of a fire, families get out of their homes safely.

"We looked at a smoke detector and we just made it a little more fascinating," he said.

A toy fire truck is connected to a smoke detector and equipped with a voice recorded alarm system. When the smoke detector goes off, the voice recording begins and tells children to wake up, get out of the house and call 911.

Morocco's display board also gives all the information parents would need to set up the unit, along with a detailed drawing of the fire truck and where all the features of the system are located.

According to Rocco, some of the children are so creative and talented that is she didn't know the kids and their families, she would think the parents made the inventions. Morocco said his dad helped him by drawing an outline of his fire truck for the display, but the rest of it was his own creativity.

A second place winner in the elementary school division, Morocco said he's very happy to have placed. Like other students, he hopes others would buy his invention.

Marcellus Central School District has been involved in the program for more than 15 years and is held every other year, said Sonya Rocco, coordinator for the local competition.

"The little kids sometimes have the grandest ideas," Rocco said. "I like the one that are so original, the useful inventions that really are practical."

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