Creative minds make great inventions

Kids think of the darndest things.

At Marcellus Central School, the children are encouraged to think of new things and then enter those ideas and creations in the Invention Convention.

On Wednesday, students in kindergarten through seventh grade had their latest and greatest inventions on display for all the other kids and teachers to see. Among them were "The All Drinks Refrigerator," "Neck Protect," "Fire Safety Buddy," "Sure Bet Net" and "Write On! Desk Wraps and Table Wraps." And those are just a few of the 85 inventions entered this year.

Even though judging took place Tuesday evening and the decisions are final, Rocco said that some of the ones that weren't chosen for ribbons are absolutely wonderful inventions.

Katherine Sauro, a fourth-grader, was busy in the Driver Middle School gymnasium trying to get a picture to stick to her display board as students came through to take a peek at the inventions. Sauro's invention is "Write On!" and she aptly discussed the creation and let others try it out.

"We can use it for a desk or a table," she said, explaining further that the surface can be made in any size.

The idea came to Sauro on Christmas when she and her family were at her aunt's house. She sat at the kids table and said it was kind of boring, so her aunt pulled out an old tablecloth and let the younger kids color on it.

But then once done coloring, they couldn't just wipe the cloth clean and start over, and that seemed problematic.

So creating the "Write On!" reusable, washable and removable surface just seemed to fit.

"Crayons are harder to use," Sauro said, and suggested using dry erase or washable markers.

Once done coloring, users can wipe it down with baby wipes, which is what Suaro uses, or spray it with water and wipe clean with a paper towel. Then let it dry and start all over again.

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