Trying to bounce back

On March 29 the Piper and Adams families will welcome family, friends, neighbors and strangers to join them for a very special cause.

Nicole Piper Adams, 26, has been back home in Marcellus for just a handful of months now, but at her childhood home she's confined to a wheelchair, has extremely limited mobility and isn't with her husband and two young daughters.

On Mother's Day weekend in 2007 Nicole found out she had a brain tumor near the base of her brain. At four months pregnant with Piper, the younger of her two children, Nicole's doctor's recommended waylaying surgery until after she gave birth.

Then the tumor grew to double the size it was when discovered.

"The tumor was much bigger so they had to do surgery. They didn't have a choice," said Beth Chernoff, who is on the food committee for the benefit. "They removed the tumor but it left her without a lot of body functions."

The surgery also left her in a coma where little Piper continued to grow for another three months. She was delivered by cesarean section Sept. 2, 2007 without Nicole ever knowing.

"Once you become a mother and you see someone struggling the way she is it makes you want to get involved," Chernoff said.

So Chernoff, a mother of two young children herself, began volunteering to help with the benefit for Nicole, who also was friends with Chernoff's sister when the girls were in middle school.

"At the last meeting about 50 people [attended], family, friends, people from town who have heard her story," Chernoff said.

Through the use of Facebook, the organizers have also received a bigger response. Chernoff sent notes to everyone she could and many people contacted her to find out how to help.

"It's really been amazing how many people want to help and are willing to give their time," she said.

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