Talons! offers a 'bird-of-prey experience'

Along with Bella Luna, Schumacher has several raptors and each have creative names that seem to match their personalities. Two favorites of the 'Talons! .Experience" team are Mocha Latte, a falcon, and Big Momma, a European Eagle Owl. Both have been trained to recognize their names and come when called. According to Schumacher raptors are very bright creatures and, like Bella Luna, after un-tethered flights always know where home is.

When asked why she has chosen this life vocation, Schumacher said she grew up in Florida and always longed for the outdoors and remembers watching Wild Kingdom for hours. Her daughter, Talon Skye is twelve years old and has grown up with falconry and also feels a great connection to birds.

Schumacher explained that falconry is an "ancient sport of kings" and dates back four thousand years.

Falconry "gives me a unique connection to nature and also allows me to give back to the environment," she said. According to Schumacher, falconry is a very responsible sport and requires time and dedication in learning how to work with your raptors. She stressed that, "as a falconer you must understand that the welfare of the birds and the future of the sport are the falconer's responsibility."

As a master falconer, Lorrie Schumacher is licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which requires several phases of education and experience, along with recommendations by at least three licensed New York State master falconers.

Along with offering shows around the country Schumacher offers hawk walks that last about two-and-a-half hours. She also operates a falconry academy and offers flying and training techniques for novices and seasoned falconers. The hawk walks include private sessions and learning the use of a gauntlet. For more information, call Lorrie Schumacher at 415-1686 or visit rapotorsbirdsofprey.com.

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whbmowl 2 years, 4 months ago

This place was very unprofessional- despite having made an appointment months in advance, she apparently forgot we were coming and made us turn back. 4 hours of driving for absolutely nothing. We had even tried emailing and calling days prior to confirm, but no contact was returned after the initial booking.


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