Talons! offers a 'bird-of-prey experience'

You don't need to visit a city zoo to enjoy watching raptors of the central New York area. Just down the road, in Earlville, you can experience an amazing encounter.

Lorrie Schumacher is a Master Falconer who resides in Earlville with her trained raptors and has created the unique and inspiring "Talons! A Bird of Prey Experience" (the word "talon" identifies birds of prey with raptors). "Talons! A Bird of Prey Experience" is an impressive program that has enchanted groups of all ages and sizes across the country. Over several years Schumacher has taken her trained raptors to corporate events, schools, scout camps and sportsmen's shows throughout the eastern U.S. to teach, and share her mastery as a falconer.

Locally, the Hamilton Theatre has hosted Schumacher to the amazement of adults and children alike.

In addition to scheduled appearances, Schumacher also contracts with production companies where her birds are featured in movies for education and entertainment.

She and her daughter, Talon Skyre, 12, also visit hospitals where they enjoy knowing "they touch people". It is important to stress that she is not a performer, she said, but instead, "feels a heartfelt love for the birds and their place in the environment."

When arriving at Schumacher's home she first wants her visitors to meet Bella Luna, a Barred owl who resides in the large maple tree just outside Schumacher's front door, she said. Bella Luna is sweet-faced with a delightful personality and watchful eyes that can charm anyone.

Bella Luna has been a member of the Schumacher family for one-and-a-half years and has the typical habits of owls in that her needs are food based, and so she scours the countryside at night for her food supply. Bella Luna always travels with Schumacher and her daughter to guarantee she eats well and stays healthy.

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whbmowl 1 year, 11 months ago

This place was very unprofessional- despite having made an appointment months in advance, she apparently forgot we were coming and made us turn back. 4 hours of driving for absolutely nothing. We had even tried emailing and calling days prior to confirm, but no contact was returned after the initial booking.


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