Calling all ducks

Roger Clark has a rather large but shallow pond in his backyard. Since the snow began melting, Clark and other Getmac Avenue residents have steadily watched the water rise in the neighborhood.

"We've had problems for many years, but it's never been this bad before," Clark said. "It's about a foot or more [deep] in the worse places."

Clark is worried about a shed he recently put up and the contents within it. He blames a development west of him on Getmac owned by Steve DiVeronica.

Clark said the area never really flooded out. After a heavy rain, the water would make its way to a swale and then dissipate. Clark said DiVeronica's construction has stopped the flow of water.

DiVeronica, who acquired the project about a year ago from his father, Rocco DiVeronica said there was an existing culvert that took away the water from his property and the surrounding residents.

"Last year we relocated it to a detention pond," DiVeronica said. "There was a temporary ditch in there that had been in place for about six or seven year that did a pretty good job. The new design called for it to be moved 150 feet from the temporary one. I had to temporarily block the ditch so the water's not running," he said.

DiVeronica said he placed two four feet round catch basins in the ground about four feet deep, but they are not fully collecting all the water. After a communication problem between his engineer and his excavator he was told he needed to dig two-and-a-half feet deeper. He said he dug as far as he could but he ran out of season. Bad weather set in and he had areas caving in as fast as he could dig them.

"I've got to let the area dry up to drop those," DiVeronica said. "It's on top of my priority list to get that elevated and drop those catch basins down and get the water properly running to the detention pond. It was bad luck and timing. I feel awful about it but I can't get a machine on the area."

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