Who will pick up your trash?

Alternative Industries has operated the county's recycling center at the landfill for 20 years. They will supply the labor on a contract for four "pickers" and will make sure there are four workers on the job at 7 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday. The cost of labor is $14.50 an hour. ARC would work with the village in supplying the training but ARC holds responsibility for disability and workmen's compensation benefits.

"It takes all the responsibility off the village," Carpenter said. The yearly cost for ARC labor is around $48,000.

Carpenter also suggested a public education plan in conjunction with the county to help reduce tipping costs.

"I'm of the opinion that we need an education program," Carpenter. "I think that the seniors in the village do a great job at recycling but there's an awful lot of stuff co-mingling on the garbage trucks. It's going to the landfill that we're paying for that we shouldn't have to pay for."

He said the village's codes enforcement officer would be responsible for inspecting trash.

"There would be people having stuff left that won't understand why they have stuff left," Carpenter said.

The study reveals the cost to taxpayers at about $111,000 plus about $100,000 a year in tipping fees, which is about $24,000 more a year than taxpayers are paying now. Carpenter said the $87,000 a year the village is currently paying is not realistic and feels that the number will probably come in at about $150,000 a year if they decide to rebid.

The total includes $3,000 for an education plan, $3,500 for fuel and $6,000 in overtime to get the project up and running. The new truck would cost $21,900 a year for five years.

If the board decides to move ahead with the project, Carpenter thinks he can save the taxpayers about $40,000. He compared that number to a $450,000 bid.

A new truck would not be delivered for about four months so Carpenter suggested a decision be made a soon as possible.

Mayor Todd Rouse asked Carpenter if they could gain revenue by including commercial businesses and buildings with four or more units.

"We would need a different truck to pick up commercial trash," Carpenter said. "I think we should stick to residential for now."

"Can we live another term with the company we have now," asked Trustee Scott Rapasadi? "I make a motion it goes out for bid for another three-year term." The board agreed.

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