Grinder pumps suffering from flushed products

Notice will be given to the residents in the North Bay Sewer District to stop flushing personal hygiene products that are not biodegradable such as baby wipes and Q-tips. Portner's Electrical Service/Maintenance reports that it is the same grinder pumps requiring repairs over and over again. It's difficult to identify who is causing the problem because more than one residence is connected to each grinder pump. "When you have more than one house on a pump you're going to have this kind of problem. Thing is people have got to use common sense." Councilman Rick Leos said.

"I want to let you know they have wipes for children that are advertised as biodegradable, but really they're not and Portner's says that along with Q-tips that's usually the problem." Supervisor Nicol Baker said. A notice to the North Bay Sewer District will be placed in the newspaper advising them of the problem and requesting they stop flushing these articles.

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