Department working to revitalize school recycling programs

Students at Cazenovia High School and other schools throughout Madison County want their school to do a better job of recycling and are willing to go the extra mile to insure that their schools comply with New York state and Madison County Recycling laws established in 1990.

Project CAF student President Kiley Barr, a senior at Cazenovia High School, contacted Recycling Coordinator Sharon A. Driscoll in December of 2008 asking for her help in improving the school's recycling efforts.

Driscoll outlined a plan for improving the school's recycling program that included getting everyone onboard with the revitalization of this important program.

"You can not have a successful program of any type unless everyone involved is aware of the program and its objectives," Driscoll said. "Many school recycling programs fail because only a small portion of the staff and some of the students have been educated about how the program works and what is expected."

"Everyday we see students throw piles of paper in the trash without a second thought," Barr said.

Barr, along with Robby Glass and Hannah Richard, members of the Environmental Team at Project CAFE, decided to try and establish a better recycling program at their school.

"We decided a change was warranted," Barr said. "This year we are going to improve the recycling effort in our school by making sure every classroom has clearly labeled bins -- not only for trash, but papers and cans, as well. We know that simply having recycling bins is not enough. We believe that in order to address the root of this problem we must speak to the people."

Driscoll applauded the group's effort to improve their school's recycling program and offered her assistance and expertise. Visible evidence of her support came on Feb. 25 when new recycling bins were delivered to Cazenovia High School.

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