Hamilton trainer offers 'advantage'

While those with a workout schedule of any kind know how monotonous a routine can be, this is not the case at the Burney Training Advantage.

April Burney is a personal trainer certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Burney formed the Burney Training Advantage boot camp during the spring of 2008. Burney's program works in a group setting with fifty-minute workouts for weeks, five days a week. And, there isn't a treadmill or stationary bike in sight.

Before adopting Hamilton as her new home, April Burney worked as an engineer in a Fortune 500 company.

"While I was good at my job, my heart wasn't always in it," she said. "I always dreamed of creating my own business some day, but I wasn't totally aware of the kind of business I was interested in."

It was during her time at her corporate position that she realized the highlight of her day was while she was working out at her company gym. Following her departure from that company Burney knew she wanted to work in the health and fitness industry, and that's when she returned to college.

Before each new boot camp session, Burney conducts an orientation complete with a booklet for each client that explains what is expected of the client and certain rules meant for every participant, as well as nutritional support. The program offers six different (daily) time-slots to choose from, at a maximum of ten people per group.

"While I expect everyone to challenge themselves to a point beyond their comfort level, this fitness camp is meant to be hard work plus fun, uplifting -- and is a far cry from your traditional training in a local gym," said Burney. "You will be challenged to do things you don't normally do. There will be times that you may doubt your abilities ... Just understand that your will to press through mental blocks will make you a stronger person in more ways than a physical manifestation."

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