Turning Stone comedy performer July 1

Touring 47 states in the last two years, Denis Donohue, 32, said he is looking forward to performing at 8 p.m. Wednesday July 1 at the Turning Stone Show Room.

Donohue, originally from the Flushing-Queens area, said he knew he wanted to be a comedian since he was five years old. He has been performing standup comedy for more than 12 years now.

Although he had standup in his heart, he attended SUNY-Plattsburgh and majored in the criminal justice program.

"My family always told me to have something to fall back on," said Donohue of his college degree.

His fallback plan was unnecessary after many years of performing and a recent nationally television breakthrough. Donohue was featured on an ABC special for "Barbara Walters Presents." The show had a theme for presenting ageism or age prejudice.

Donohue said the show was designed to show that within all of the politically incorrect topics people generally poke fun at, age is "technically acceptable" to make jokes about.

Even so, the moral of the presentation was to show viewers that we shouldn't make fun of anything that hurts someone's feelings.

A clip of Donohue on the show talked about the new modern age expectancy of 150 years old. In the show, he said the modern age expectancy was great because he could live another 100 years and still be living in his mom's house.

When it comes to live performances, Donohue said he generally wings his routine.

{Q}"I never know what I'm going to say when I'm on stage," he said. "I gauge the energy of the crowd."{Q}

Because of his ability "to go off script," he said he can better interact with an audience.

"Every crowd is different," Donohue said.

While interacting with his crowd, he said that the more audience members that call out comments or questions, the more everyone can feel involved or "in on the joke."

Some of his best experiences doing standup are when the show is over and the audience can approach him comfortably, he said.

"By the end of the show I want everyone to think of me as an old friend," Donohue said.

Donohue said he encourages people to come and see the show Wednesday in Verona or visit myspacegas.com to see some of his comedy performances.

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