Last Laff for B'ville native

Comedy runs in Kelly Doane's family.

"I was always the one to make people laugh. I get this from my whole family," said Doane, better known by his nickname, KD. "My father, Terry, brother, Derek and mother, Wendy, are all ringleaders. We should have our own reality show. I just followed suit."

A 1994 graduate of Baker High School, Doane has taken his heritage and pursued a career as a stand-up comic. In fact, he credits his work as a DJ at Baker High School's station WBXL with bringing out the entertainer in him.

While KD said Baldwinsville was a nice town to grow up and grow old in, he jokingly reflected, "Maybe this is why the driving is not that great here," referring to the adage that seniors and young people are poor drivers. On a serious note, he said a lot of his life situations including acts performed in high school are in his comedy.

"Teachers, people I have worked with, family, they are all fair game," KD said. "If you can't take a joke in life than it will make you old before your time."

Professional wrestler?

Interestingly, KD spent some time as a professional wrestler, noting he was a big fan of wrestling in the 90s and found Stone Cold Steve Austin an inspiration. His passion for wrestling also led him to start a public access show called Onondaga Wrestling Alliance.

"This is where I believe the acting, producing, writing and directing bugs bit me," he said.

However, after the birth of his son, Austin, his career plan changed.

"I didn't want to end up hurt and not be able to enjoy what my son and life have to offer," he said.

After pursuing normal career paths, however, he soon found he was unhappy with his professional life.

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