Syracuse says 'Yes' to education

Welcome to the City Eagle series on the Syracuse city School District's Say Yes to education:

In a seemingly radical departure from the typical urban school philosophy of struggling to maintain a level of achievement that satisfies the testing standards of the New York State Education Department, the Syracuse City School District is embracing an educational philosophy that encourages success through providing students the opportunity to succeed in ways that may not seem typical in an urban setting, through programs that might seem more at home in suburban districts where "eclectic" education is more common.

In a remarkably extensive cooperative effort among the Syracuse City School District, Say Yes to Education, Inc. and Syracuse University, the SCSD has implemented the "Syracuse Say Yes to Education and Economic Development Demonstration Program."

The City Eagle's Say Yes in the SCSD Series will explore the program in depth, looking at its origin, its implementation, its purpose, its connection to the community, its programs, its financial impact and its current outcomes.

At the same time, we must remember that SAY YES is by no means the only energizing force within the educational community of Syracuse. It is merely one aspect, albeit a very significant one, of an urban school district that is striving to provide meaningful education on all levels. Those other aspects will also be examined as this series progresses, keeping in mind that the majority of the personnel involved in the "hands on" part of this program are the teachers and staff members of the SCSD.

Syracuse Says "Yes" to Education

Part 1: Kung Fu, Marionettes and a Whole Lot of Energy

In December 2008, the Syracuse City School District implemented the Say Yes program in its Corcoran Quadrant. The program will expand to the Fowler Quadrant in the fall, and will eventually include the Henninger and Nottingham Quadrants as well. Thus, Syracuse will become the first school district to embrace and employ the Say Yes program district wide.

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