Caz Lake herbicide treatment begins this week

After months of planning, consideration and applications, the plan to stop the invasive species Eurasian watermilfoil with the herbicide triclopyr is about to become a reality.

Cazenovia lakefront residents received a notice from Town of Cazenovia Supervisor Elizabeth Moran sent June 4 informing them that the town received final DEC approval to treat 243 acres of the lake's northern basin and along the northeastern and northwestern shorelines.

( Click here to see a final map of the treatment area. )

Depending on weather conditions, application was scheduled to begin June 8 and could extend through June 13.

Certified pesticide applicators from Allied Biological, Inc. will apply the chemical. The village boat launch on East Lake Road will be the staging area for the applicators -- the launch will be closed to public.

Moran warned that residents shouldn't drink lake water following treatment.

"Residents must not draw lake water for drinking water use during the application period and for a time following application until the triclopyr concentration in the water falls below a concentration of 0.050 mg/l," she said. "Based on experience in other lakes, the ban on potable water use may extend for as long as several weeks."

Lake water should also not be used for irrigation purposes for 120 days after treatment, Moran said. She advised residents to use rain barrels or well water to apply to vegetables and flowers.

There is no risk of harm to animals swimming in or drinking from the lake, Moran said. There is also no restriction on using lake water for bathing, showering, washing dishes or other non-potable purposes.

The Cazenovia Lake Watershed Council will provide alternative sources of potable water during the period of restrictions.

A spigot at the Lakeland Park bathhouse will be available to fill water containers, the town office will make water available by appointment and the town will reimburse lakefront owners or users in the treatment area for bottled water purchased during restricted potable water use periods. Receipts may be submitted to the town clerk.

Though there is no restriction on using the water for bathing, shower facilities will be available by appointment through Cazenovia College. The watershed council is offering this measure for those with concerns, Moran said.

Moran thanked those who working to restore the lake.

"On behalf of the Watershed Council, I wish to thank all of the many community volunteers and donors who have made this lake restoration project possible," she said.

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