Oneida mayor to run again

Incumbent Oneida Mayor Peter Hedglon announced this week that he will be seeking reelection.

Hedglon, who lives at 449 Broad St., said in a campaign news release that he has been endorsed by the Oneida City Republican Committee. In making the announcement, Hedglon said he will serve the "voters of the City of Oneida with a the same distinctly different style and philosophy of government as in 2007."

At the same time, Hedglon warned voters in a prepared statement: "Election Day is about five months away, and I think it is too early to start actively campaigning. However, I want to ask the voters of the City of Oneida to be vigilant for what I call the "whisper campaign," that is the spreading of rumors, gossip or false information. If a voter hears something about me, or that I said something, I invite that voter to contact me to hear from me what the truth is."

Hedglon said he intends to run on his record of accomplishment during his first term including increased police protection, operational changes in city government, better fiscal responsibility improved public participation in government.

In his announcement statement, Hedglon wrote:

"I am not a candidate of 'politics as usual.' I do not make promises that I can not keep. I do not think the laws are suggestions that may be ignored. I try to solve problems, not "band-aid" them until after the next election. I have talked seriously to the residents of Oneida about controversial issues, including City finances. I want the Common Council to make policy for the City of Oneida, not be a rubber stamp for the Mayor. I trust that the voters of the City of Oneida want a Mayor who puts the best interests of the City first and has the backbone to say no to those who put their own interests before those of the City.

There are two sayings that I like a lot: "talk is cheap" and "actions speak louder than words." I do not need to talk incessantly about my vision or plans, because I am actually doing something about them.

In 2007 I said, "We can do better." In 2009 I still say "We can do better" because I have a never-ending commitment as Mayor of the City of Oneida to make my hometown better every day."


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