Lemon + Grass = tasty dining experience

Food produced in this Armory Square restaurant, you won't often find at home:

It's amazing to think that we've gone from being grass-eaters to the molecular gastronomy practices in Lemon Grass' kitchen.

Molecular gastronomy?

Take for example the "Raspberry Balloon." This special dessert enjoyed on Wednesday night July 22 was more like a Modernist building on a plate. Something King and King Architects could have designed in one of its new conference rooms on the outskirts of Armory Square.

Raspberry Balloon: First, a white chocolate foundation and frame was molded. Then, this was hit artistically with a couple of brush strokes for affect in blue and green. Next, an insulation of alternately layered cake and white chocolate mouse fills the frame. The structure was standing in the center of a plate surrounded by a bright mango coulis moat to which ultra-white coconut caviar was floating for effect. On top of the construction was a small balloon made from raspberry ice. The Chef used nitrogen to create this effect. The result is a bit of a modern marvel on a plate that also tastes really, really good. Like you don't really want desert, but you try it cause it sounds interesting, and then you clean the plate. That kind of good. It was also garnished with an edible small purple pansy.

All of the senses?

Essentially, what we have here is evolving culinary art in practice. An art form that strikes all of the senses that is also nourishing.

I should mention that we ate outside, so we had the sounds of hot time summer in the city for our listening pleasure.

And, touch we did: As simple forking or spooning wouldn't suffice when it came to tearing down those white chocolate walls. I had to pick up a piece of the wall and look at those brush strokes. Wow.

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