Milfoil monster on the loose

On Thursday July 16, Skaneateles Mayor Bob Green called a press conference in Clift Park to discuss "a very important matter" with the community.

"It has come to my attention that our sparkling lake is in imminent danger," Green said. "Many of you have seen the sneaky, mischievous creature known at Milford the Milfoil Monster creeping around out beloved village wreaking havoc. I say, this needs to stop!"

According to Green, Milford and his "milfoil menace" have the ability to destroy the lake and that is exactly what will happen if the community doesn't act quickly.

"Milfoil is an invasive, nasty weed that makes swimming and boating nearly impossible and destroys the aesthetic beauty of our lake. If we allow Milford to run free, the damage he will cause is nothing short of astounding," Green said. "We must rid out lake of this vicious beast. We must do whatever it takes. We cannot give up when we have come so close."

There are only approximately 11 acres of milfoil left in the lake that needs to be removed. According to Green, Skaneateles Lake can be rid of the weeds, but the project needs the help of everyone in the community.

Green issued a formal proclamation making Milford the Milfoil Monster illegal and banned him from the village and called upon public officials, law enforcement, the Milfoil Fighters and the people of Skaneateles to catch the monster, to celebrate the cultural riches the community has to offer and to recognize the important role everyone has in sustaining the beautiful resource they have in the lake.

But, banning him may not be enough and Green also called the community to arms, announcing "The Great Monster Hunt," which will organize the entire community to capture the "beast" once and for all.

"Join with your friends and family to form a team and on Labor Day weekend you can go out and hunt down Milford so we can defeat milfoil once and for all," Green said.

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