Focus on Fiber' brings new exhibitors

Children petted the two sheep as Mindy explained that they were very friendly and made excellent pets because of their calm nature.

According to the couple, the babydolls are very affectionate, produce qaulity wool, make excellent companions and require little pasture space. They also said that they are a good investment opportunity if a buyer desires to explore breeding as they have. Ben and Jerry are up for sale at $250 each if they go as a pair. More information about the Laymans farm can be found at oldehomestead.net.

Is that Angora?

You bet it is. Soft to the touch, Angora is one of the more exotic fibers on the planet.

A few Angora rabbits were at the fair complements of Joan Hastings, recently named vice president of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club. Hastings runs her own breeding business called Hastings-on-the-Hill Rabbitry from Whitesboro.

She currently has 60 Angoras and specializes in Angora Satin and Angora French rabbits. Hastings shows rabbits throughout the country but said she truly enjoys the New York State Fair. However, Madison County's "Focus on Fiber" rekindled her desire to visit the county fair with a few Angoras.

"It was a big push for me," she said of her decision to come to the county fair. "To be a part of it was important."

Angoras require a certain amount of grooming to maintain their unique coat; however, the care is not much more than an owner should worry about, Hastings said.

She explained that they can be groomed by hand by plucking the mats of fur away and that it's not painful to the rabbit. Angoras tend to need their wool harvested every four months, with the amount varying in breed and the care and nutrition they receive.

For example, a French Angora doesn't have any wool furnishings on its head, nor its face, ears of front of its feet. The rest of the body is covered in slightly course wool which is easy to spin. French Angoras tend to have the easiest coat to care for.

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