City Eagle - Serving Justice Series - Part III

Forever lost, never forgotten:

Over a long weekend spent in the Onondaga County Justice Center's pod 3C for women - inmate Carol Monroe writes a story about a mother and her two sons who as a result of divorce moved from the country into the inner city. The excerpts here are about an incident on Aug. 6,2008. Is this fiction or not?

The Media Unit (a troupe of teen actors, writers and producers) doesn't ask. Instead they listen for what's real in each inmate's story. Then perhaps a theme or a line of dialouge is picked up to update their scripts, "Angels with Broken Wings Starting all over Again: The Loss." A production that goes into the city's Parks to dramatize gang violence's long term story. This year's theme is "The Loss."

See Gallery for handwritten pages.

This is a mother's story. The same story looks different from each character's point of view. What were the brothers' stories? What was the story behind each of the characters who stopped the brothers' car and beat them? How did this become each of their realities and why? What were their mothers' stories? In many of the stories from within the Justice Center, the father's are not heard or missing - silent? What are the fathers' stories?

Think of the ramifications: the EMTs, the law enforcement, the emergency rooms, the DPW, the funeral parlors, the priests and ministers, the teachers, the extended family, the employers, the friends, et al.

It all adds up to a tremendous amount of loss - and for what? The Serving Justice Series will continue next with a look into the stories of these other players.

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