On the Northside: Holy Trinity's struggle

Holy Trinity open for Worship: Park Street's eastern most parish is actively fund raising to stay operational and intact:

One must ask the question "Is Pastoral Planning operating with a blindfold and ear plugs out of a secret cave?"

Because many Syracuse catholics don't understand the decisions being sent down from up above to their beloved parishes.

Contray to Eagle's report last week "Catholics Gather to Confront Church," Holy Trinity on Park Street has in fact been given a temporary repreive by Rev. James Lang of Diocesan Parish Planning.

Yes, the administrator of Holy Trinity in Syracuse did announce on Mother's Day that the church was to close for financial reasons, and efforts were being put toward keeping only St. Johns on Park open.

However, a group of concerned parishioners appealed the closure and were told by Rev. Lang that there is in fact no mandate to close Holy Trinity.

At a meeting with the parishioners at the Diocese, Rev. Lang also said Holy Trinity was one of the most beautiful churches in the city of Syracuse and gave the parishioners his support to improve their financial standing in order to stay open.

So, Holy Trinity parishioners are actively fundraising, trying to bring back those who may have left the church, and to also interest new residents of the North Side.

A Welcome Mass is in the planning stage with a picnic and also Bingo will start back up later this summer.

Angiolillo's belief in Holy Trinity

This is but one Syracuse family's account of how the parish is mobilizing to stay afloat. There are many more families with similar stories as there are many more churches and parishes and citys and ultimately believers in the Catholic religion.

Mary Angiolillo, who grew up a stone's throw away from Holy Trinity, spoke at the June 20 Conference on Church Closings and Reconfiguration. She said she is concerned about how churches, such as Holy Trinity, can be allowed to lapse into financial crises. She pointed out how the process of pairing up with a nearby church to "share resources" had actually drained Holy Trinity financially.

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