Alliance Network's position: Gov. Paterson's special Senate Session

The Alliance Network is committed to improving the quality of life in the Central New York Community, politically, socio-economically, educationally and spiritually.

Furthermore, we seek to improve the conditions of our neighborhoods physically as well as mentally, recognizing that the wellness and viability of the city of Syracuse rests in its neighborhood and communities. Henceforth as part of our continuous effort to address the rights and concerns of minorities, I am expressing the following comments regarding Governor Paterson's decision to call a special session of the state senate.

In the midst of economic downturn, uncertainty, and an overwhelming need to build community capacity, it is utterly ridiculous that the NY State Senate has put the business and decisions that impact the everyday lives of New Yorkers on hold while they engage in a bitter and fruitless power struggle.

I am happy that the governor took a stand and asserted his authority to bring the Senate to order. Governor Paterson deserves much credit for taking on the plethora of challenges that face New Yorkers head on. Thereby, I can only hope that this pointless bickering will be put aside and that the Senate will recognize that they were elected to work to enhance societal welfare and not to advance their own agenda.

In closing, I am confident in our Governor's sound decision making ability, and I trust his recommendations.

Walt Dixie is the founder of the Alliance Network. Next week read a Walt Shepperd's Q&A with Dixie on the city of Syracuse Mayoral Race.

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