What about a Book Festival?

Central New York has a festival for almost every interest. There are celebrations for apples, maple syrup, antiques, cars, horses, blues, jazz, movies, Greek, Polish, Irish, Italian, Latino, Juneteenth and more.

Certainly the New York State Fair is our best known and attended festival but something is still missing from this impressive roster.

I believe it is, "Books." Books and all that involves books, from the authors that write them, the editors that shape them, the designers who help create them, the printers that print them, the bookstores that sell them, and of course, you; The dear readers who love them and make books part of their lives.

Who has not been touched by a book in some way?

From early childhood memories learning to read through adulthood, books have been there through every phase of our lives, teaching us, entertaining us, enlightening us, invigorating and inspiring us. So, I believe it is time for CNY to celebrate books as only we can, with a street festival!

I had the great fortune to have spent nearly 20 years in the publishing world and during that time I had the opportunity to travel the entire U.S. participating in book festivals from Hawaii to NYC, from Miami to Seattle, from Chicago to Phoenix, Austin to LA, essentially, if there was a book festival happening, I was there. Don't get me wrong, I am just as fond of any festival I come across, but there is something very special about book festivals, perhaps it is the common bond shared by all, exhibitors and attendees alike, that we all are there for our love of words and how they connect us to the world we live in.

I am now using words to propose that CNY host our own book festival and I would like to be the first to throw my hat, er, book into the ring! I would like to call on all who love books to help make this a reality.

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