The convergence of sound

Homegrown talent starts here.

It needs to be nurtured and inspired, mixed with a little creativity for flavor and a dash of comedy to really grow.

On Wednesday, musicians Dusty Pas'cal and Dan Bliss, a Marcellus native, sat down to lunch at the Sherwood Inn to talk about their first show together. They hit the stage at 7:30 p.m. p.m. Saturday July 11 at Auburn Public Theater with Kevin Barrigar opening the show.

Amid gentle banter and the telling of jokes, the two guitarists talked not only about the pending show, but also about influences and creative inspiration.

"My influences are all over the place," said Bliss, who now makes his home in Kansas City. "A lot of non-guitar players."

Citing his first real guitar influence as Big Bill Broonzy, a blues singer, songwriter and guitarist who died in August 1958, Bliss said his other influences include Wes Montgomery and Chuck Berry.

On his newest album, "That's What I'm Here For," the blues influences abound as well as references to Central New York, all of which can be heard through Bliss' soft Midwestern accent.

"Dusty is encouraging me to add what I do [to the show]. For me as a guitarist, it's an opportunity for me to sit in with someone I really admire," Bliss said.

Though he's been playing guitar for more than 30 years, Bliss said he's relatively new to performing his own music. Always a guitar player first, he's been working on music that he can "leave behind" for future generations, Bliss said.

Like the native Marcellian, Pas'cal has been playing music for more than half his life, getting his start when he was just 13 years old. Influenced most by his father, Pas'cal inherited the creativity and songwriting gene from him.

"When I'm writing, those words just move through me," he said with unabashed enthusiasm. "I haven't been able to write like that until up to three or four years ago."

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