Legendary Bar's future in doubt

Looking for a place to go where everyone is treated equally regardless of economic or educational background? For many years, that place in Skaneateles has been Morris's on Genesee Street.

But lately many regulars, and even those who aren't so regular, have become weary of how much longer they will have to belly up to the bar nestled inside the Seitz Building.

According to Emanon Equities president Jeremy Gorelick, the bar does not have a valid lease at this time. Without a valid lease, Gorelick said the owners -- his company -- cannot have someone in the space, essentially verifying a lot of townspeople's biggest fear that Morris's doors will close.

"Morris's is a drinking and eating establishment. We never wanted to move Morris's," Gorelick said.

Following bar owner Burt Lipe's death in October, the business was turned over to his wife MJ Lipe who has previously stated that the business would stay in the family. However, with the new turn of events, Lipe feels like Emanon Equities is pushing her and the business out of the historic location and she has once been served with eviction papers, which she said were served incorrectly.

Lipe said Gorelick and his company have shut off negotiations regarding the lease, nor will he supply her with new blueprints of the construction occurring throughout the building.

Now, the matter has landed in local court where Gorelick said he believes the judge is handling the case on the merits of the actual lease document, which also had not been granted an extension.

According to Gorelick, a new lease had been submitted to the proprietor and the document specified all the terms associated with the agreement. The problem is, as Gorelick explained, Lipe's attorney Brian Shaw recommended she not review the lease.

If there were an agreement on the terms of the lease, Gorelick said, "I think we would be fine to go forward and Morris's could stay. But, I can't continue to have someone in there operating an illegal bar."

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