Becker: We don't want anyone left out

Councilman John Brzuszkiewicz expressed concern at the Dec. 17 Sullivan Town Council meeting that some people were being excluded from the proposed sewer project in the Lakeport-Bridgeport area. He said at that meeting he didn't understand why a section of lakefront parcels would not be included in the project.

"Three years ago, they didn't want it," Supervisor John M. Becker said, referring to initial resistance to the project. "The train has left the station. The work has been done. But there is a slug of money coming [to help fund it], and now they want it. These other folks were willing to take a risk at $900 to $1,000 a unit."

"But we didn't go to these people and say, 'Pass a petition,'" Brzuszkiewicz said. "There needs to be research on how to do it to make it cost-effective and not exclude those people."

Brzuszkiewicz said all it will take to torpedo the entire Bridgeport Sewer Initiative Project is a couple of complaints to political leaders from residents in the area not included in the district.

"This is a totally different group of people [from those who protested the project three years ago]," Brzuszkiewicz said. "A lot of people have moved there in the last couple of years, and they want it."

Councilman David Miner said the town cannot keep changing the scope of the project during the process.

Dep. Supervisor William Cole agreed.

"We've got to know the costs," Cole said. "When we go to the people and ask for money, we need to know what we're asking for, and adding this now will throw the projected costs out of whack."

"We should proceed as planned and add then if we can down the line," Miner said.

Engineer Ken Knutsen of Barton & Loguidice said the town cannot introduce such a drastic alteration to a project that's already been presented to funders and potential funders.

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