As Urban CNY celebrates 20 years -- City Eagle reports

Is there a story that got away?

-- Dr. Williams. He had us hook line and sinker, I wonder what he did here that was covered up or blended in with other City School District miss-deeds.

You often stick your neck out with your opinion pieces -- is that difficult to do?

-- I stick my neck out because none of the identifiable black leaders have the guts to stand up to the systems that put them there. I've been called to the steps of City Hall where African-American leaders promised jobs and opportunity with Destiny USA. What they didn't tell me was the omission of the standard 10 percent EEO and MWBE requirements that could have generated jobs for city residents. The tax credits linked to where the new employee lives would assist the businesses in financing this venture.

Van Robinson was elected by support of the African American community, however, his recent political evolution has him giving away prime real estate to non-taxable entities, such as Syracuse University and State University Hospitals.

I've told this story before, but my father who worked at Crouse-Hinds for 38 years told me something that I live by regardless of the consequences. {Q}He said, "Boy, you have a college education, something that I never had the opportunity to get, don't you ever let anyone tell you how to use it."{Q}

As Dan Rather once said "if you want friends in this business get a dog. Spike is almost 3 years old."

What is it you are itching to do?

-- Selection of my successor to complete this mission. I have to hand the editor's position over to someone else. My goal is to build an urban news and information company that is here after I'm gone.

How do you keep up on the news at City Hall?

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