Marcellus: Your pharmacy, your way

"As a rule, if you have insurance, you're going to pay the same no matter where you go," he said.

But the difference is in those who are not card-carrying members of a health insurance company. For those consumers, Cataldi often can save them money by offering to fill a prescription with the generic brand of medication.

Though places like Wal-Mart can offer prescriptions for a very small fee, and everyone is a competition, Cataldi showed confidence that box stores were not much of a competition for him.

"I feel we're isolated here in Marcellus," he said, adding that another rule of his is to have customers in and out of the pharmacy with their prescriptions within a few minutes.

"You're not flipping hamburgers so you have to be careful with what you're doing," Cataldi said.

At his pharmacy, there is also generally one person handling a prescription for each customer, whereas from his experience Cataldi said large chain stores can have several people touching a prescription from the time they receive in to the time it gets to the consumer. Aside from Cataldi filling prescriptions, he has two other pharmacists working with him.

Being in the drug industry, Cataldi has not only seen his own business unfold into a booming necessity in the village, but he's also witnessed the downfalls of pharmaceuticals -- unauthorized use.

"It's amazing to me that kids would experiment with this," he said.

Following a slew of incidents throughout the county of young students using pharmacy grade drugs for recreational use, Cataldi joined forces with the school district and sat on a panel as part of a parent forum.

"The more involved parents are, the better," he said, reminding the community to be watchful. "Get rid of what you can and if you need it know what you have in your house."

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