Departing Caz town supervisor offers thanks

Dec. 31 marks the end of my two terms as Cazenovia Town Supervisor. I have enjoyed writing these occasional columns, and when Doug Campbell offered one last opportunity, I was pleased to accept. However, once I agreed to write up some final thoughts, I found myself at a loss for words -- hard to imagine. I decided to mix the sentimental with the analytical, and touch on three topics: the importance of communication between government and citizens, looking back, with thanks, and looking ahead, with confidence.

First, the communication challenge. The news business certainly has changed over my four years in office. An open and respectful dialogue with the community is at the heart of the supervisor's job. Local officials must find effective ways to communicate. We're not professional politicians; we are community members able to devote some time to civic matters, and we lead best when we are able to hear a range of opinions. In whatever way the "Caz-Net" brings you news, please continue to share your thoughts with your elected representatives.

Next, some words of gratitude. The problem with this section is the risk of leaving people out, so I'll start with a blanket thanks to everyone and sing the praises of only a few. My husband, Marco Coronado, was willing to accommodate the packed schedule of evening meetings, and to socialize at the many events that elbowed onto our family calendar. My staff at EcoLogic, especially Robin Clarke, helped immensely with schedule and kept our clients somewhat content during times of high distraction. The "lake guys," Jerry Mayright, Rich Husted and Larry Tully, kept everyone on track for the successful lake treatment program. The town board members were willing to meet in extra sessions to adopt a comprehensive plan and revamp the outdated zoning and subdivision laws. Town Clerk Linda Mather was endlessly patient as I learned the ropes, now she'll have yet another new supervisor to break in. I'm pretty sure that Linda holds the record in Madison County for dealing with new supervisors. John Langey, our immensely talented attorney for the town, was instrumental in all of our successes. And finally, to my sister Kathleen McLeod, a heartfelt thank you for helping me understand that it was time to pass the torch.

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