Coach Bill Aris: The man behind the girls

Earlier this month, the Fayetteville-Manlius Girls' Cross Country team won the nationals for the fourth year in a row. The Eagle Bulletin interviewed Coach Bill Aris to find out what he thinks of this incredible accomplishment.

This is the F-M Girls Cross Country team's fourth consecutive national win. Why is this such a unique feat?

Every time we have won it following 2006 (the first of our four) has been unique in that no other team has had two or more consecutive wins. So, when we won two in a row, then three in a row, and now four in a row, each has been unique following our first win in 2006. Beyond that, and of greater significance to me, is that the individual members of each team have contributed in each year to make each year's experience unique and special. We (kids and coaches) retain everlasting fond memories of each year's experiences.

Obviously, hard work and determination are catalysts to success. But there must be more to it. What extra mile(s) do your and your team take to realize such outstanding accomplishments? In other words, what do you attribute your multiple wins too?

Our recent success has had more to do with the spirit, team selflessness, and dedication of each boy and girl to a way of life, which produces repeatable excellence, than it has to any magical physical training approach. Each year, our physical training regimen has been multifaceted and geared toward fulfillment of team potential while addressing the individual needs of each team member.

Contrary to myths and rumors, we do not 'kill' our kids in the blind pursuit of victory at all costs. Our kids choose to enroll in a multifaceted healthy way of life approach, which includes, but is not limited to the physical aspects of training.

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