What's your drone comfort zone?


The drones fly way overhead and are quiet, often giving no sign as to its presence. This secretive quality is ideal for reconnaissance, but incredibly nerve racking to the residents of the nation it is stalking. There is no warning, no chance to run for cover or shelter. Missiles fly out of the sky without warning, said Ed Kinane of the Syracuse Peace Council. Not a bad idea on a battlefield, but in a town or village or city there can be deadly consequences for the civilians.

"Well over half of the casualties, maybe even closer to 90 percent are civilian casualties," Kinane said. "That's terrorism."

He contrasted this to the attack on Pearl Harbor where there were almost no civilian casualties.

Kinane, who was involved in the organization of a protest outside the gates of Hancock Airfield on Friday morning Dec. 18 during a scheduled press briefing argues it's not a level playing field, and by using names such as the reaper, the avenger and the predator (all drone names) American forces are terrorizing the people of Afghanistan. Mercenaries are working with the CIA to launch and maintain reapers in Pakistan, Kinane said.

"This isn't the mindset of a population seeking a just peace," he added. "It's cowardly warfare."

He also said it is common for people to resist having their country invaded and that they will put their life on the line for their family, their clan, their neighbors

"To U.S. colonists, George the III (the King of England) was a terrorist," Kinane said.

Drone base a target?

The Peace Council raises the issue that the drones at Hancock Air Base make CNY a target. Yet, the issue was never raised when it housed the 174th fighter squadron equipped with piloted jets?

The economy of drones

It's economics. Losing the 174th Fighter Squadron at Hancock Air Base would have been an economic blow to CNY's economy. Gaining the drones insured a base would remain operating in the area.

Kinane is concerned that war is an economic engine for the few, "I have this notion that only corporations profit from war."

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