What's your drone comfort zone?

Does this depend on which side of the drone one is on?

The late CNY Black Sheep Squadron ace pilot Robert McClurg once described a World War II battle in the Pacific. He said fighter pilots in their Corsairs would be shot out of the air into the ocean, only to be readily picked up, fixed up and patched up, then sent right back up into battle. It was not precise or pretty, but effective, if the pilot was still alive that is.

Today, American piloted drones fly missions over Afghanistan and Pakistan, while the four person crew is safe and sound thousands of miles away, actually some right here in the Syracuse area. It is a technology pioneered by the Israelis in the 1980s that was used by American Forces in Kosovo in the 1990s.A robotic plane, whose flight is made possible through satellite technology. The Syracuse Air National Guard unit at Hancock Field is the first in the nation to fly the remotely controlled drone called a Reaper. The aircraft carries up to four anti-armor missiles plus two bombs. It is a safer form of warfare for the perpetrator and anything but for the target.


This technology makes many American citizens much more comfortable because U.S. pilots and crew are not flying into harms way. Actually, some of the people involved in the missions don't leave the comfort of their home base in the states. Also, consider that Americans are not fond of losing citizens' lives, including those in military service to war or anything else. To America, each life is precious.

It has been said that operating a drone is similar to playing a video game. This means there is no cramped quarters with possible low levels of oxygen. A pilot and crew are much more able to concentrate on the mission at hand.

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