Be a part of the Mission at the Syracuse Rescue Mission

"We've been serving 650 meals a day for the past five months," he said. LaDolce said the company-sponsored volunteers are great, and acknowledges the team building spirit it imbibes.

To get involved contact 315-472-6251or rmsyr.org/Home/Main_Page.htm.

Understanding the homeless (from the RM Web site)

Almost any day, somewhere in Syracuse, on an entrance ramp to Route 81or blocks away from the Rescue Mission on West Street, you may encounter someone holding up a sign which says something like, "Will Work for Food." Just driving by can cause uncomfortable feelings, even in the most cynical.

You don't want people to be hungry or homeless ... You want to do what you can to help! But you wonder if you are being "scammed" or if the people will really use the money you give them for food ...

These people only represent a handful of the men and women in desperate need in our community.

Even in a city the size of Syracuse, it is easy for us to be overwhelmed by the needs of the poor! It is important for you to know some facts about the homeless in our community.

The first, and most important fact, is that all homeless people are not alike. Circumstances which result in homelessness can happen both to the young and old, people with college degrees and those who are illiterate.

They may be mentally ill, drug or alcohol-addicted, displaced workers or veterans. Many of the homeless are among the working poor--people whose minimum-wage jobs just won't pay the rent and put food on the table.

In addition, there are hundreds of households in our community, which are just one crisis away from homelessness. They may be sharing housing ... living paycheck to paycheck with no reserve for emergencies ... people who have no friends or family to help them. The homeless can be victims of illness, child abuse, violence or the lack of education and job skills.

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