New leaf clean-up system a success in Camillus

The town of Camillus instituted a new 12-day program this fall for the pick-up of leaves by the highway department, to great success according to those associated with the program.

"We've been successful," Highway Superintendent Mark Pigula said. "Everybody knows when we are going to be in their area and they can have their leaves out so we can go out and clean them up and not have so much chaos with the residents not knowing when we are going to be in their area."

The new program's success stems from its organization, as the highway department picks up leaves in four sections of the town over the 12-day period and repeats the cycle until it completes the cleanup. Each section receives three days and the citizens in each know when their area will be cleaned. The result is a more-efficient system.

Last year, the pick-up was not on a cycle system and citizens did not know when their leaves would be collected.

Sixth Ward Councilor David Callahan said the highway department progressed through the town and it was unknown when a return would be made to an area. Leaves could be left on lawns for extended periods of time without residents knowing when they would be picked up, creating an eyesore and potentially slick road conditions.

"They always sent everybody out wherever they thought they needed it and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't," Callahan said. "Sometimes we went to areas that we thought were going to be heavy all at once and some people got mad because they thought you were favoring another area, so we're tying something new."

This year, there is no confusion.

"Everybody knows when everybody is coming, there's no guesswork," Callahan said. "The benefit is that there is a window for each sector. Before, they never knew exactly when they were coming in so I know we are trying to give them a window.

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