Making Heaven on Earth at Seven Rays

Author Madis Senner, will give a talk and do a book signing to be followed by a group meditation on his newly released book The Way Home--Making Heaven on Earth Sunday Dec. 20 1 p.m. at Seven Rays Bookstore in Syracuse. The event is free and open to the public. Books may be purchased at the event.

The talk is titled "Making Heaven on Earth, a Perspective" and will focus on how we can break free of the bonds that we have shackled ourselves with. It will include a discussion of New Thought concepts such as the law of attraction popularized recently by The Secret and how our thoughts create our reality. But unlike the Secret that teaches how to gain control of your thoughts for personal profit, the talk will be all about empowering people to make a better world.

The group meditation will be a guided visualization where participants will collectively imagine heaven on earth, what it would look like, feel like and how it would be transformative.

The Way Home--Making Heaven on Earth was released by O Books on December 11, 2009 http://www.o-books.com/obookssite/book/detail/672 . The Way Home examines the mystical world and our dynamic relationship with each other and Mother Earth. It tells how we have created a hell, or dystopia of sorts on earth instead of the Eden, or paradise, where the lion lies down with the lamb as envisaged by most faith traditions. The book concludes by giving a road map for positive change.

The Way Home has received endorsements from both well known national and local spiritual leaders:

"Powerfully rooted in the wisdom of Hinduism yet drawing upon the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Madis Senner has an important message: the solution to healing the world and ending global warming rests in our ability to make compassion, love and generosity the center of our personal and social realities. Warning against the false gods of science and the competitive marketplace, Senner urges us to start the process of building heaven on earth by withdrawing attention from the violence and domination centered aspects of contemporary culture and building our own inner sanctuary in which love and positive spiritual energies can flourish."

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