Woman files complaint against North Syracuse policeman

Gazlay said she had a feeling the man would try to enter the building if he saw her drive away. As soon as she began pulling out of her parking space, he entered the building, she said.

At this point, Gazlay said she was extremely worried for the woman inside the medical center. An employee of a neighboring building pulled into the parking lot after the man entered the building. She told the man about the situation and he insisted she call the police immediately.

Gazlay made the call to the North Syracuse Police Department to report that a suspicious man had entered the medical center. She said a village police car arrived shortly after the call was made. Two village policemen searched the premises.

While she said she wanted to report the suspicious activity and ensure the safety of the woman inside the building, she was unaware of the "disrespectful" treatment she would soon tolerate.

Gazlay said one village police officers came out of the building and started to question her about the suspicious man she reported. She said the officer proceeded to "throw his arms in the air," and questioned Gazlay's call.

"He started to ask, 'Where's the guy? I thought you said there was a guy in the building?'" Gazlay said about the Oct. 12 incident.

She told the officer she didn't see the man exit the building and that he could have left through a rear or side door. The medical center is located near a wooded area, and Gazlay said she assumed the man left through a non-visible door and entered the woods because he may have seen the police car arrive.

While Gazlay called the mayor a few days after the incident, she was also asked to sit down with a department lieutenant and describe the incident. The lieutenant asked her the officer's name and she said she didn't think to ask him at the time.

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