Canastota high school, kindergarten students team up to bake

Canastota High School was full of the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas throughout last week.

For over 30 years, the home and careers, as well as food and nutrition, classes have invited the kindergarten classes of Peterboro Street to join them in baking Christmas cookies.

"It's a good kickoff to the holidays," said consumer science teacher Kelly Boswell. "It's a great collaboration between schools and grades."

With a total of six kindergarten classes, Boswell's classes made 68 batches of dough for the visits that took three days.

There was no doubt that kindergarten teacher Tammy Moran's students were enjoying themselves, many smiling at and laughing with the older students.

"They're totally engaged. They love it," Moran said.

Alexander Stearns said he enjoyed working with the high school students and putting the frosting and sprinkles on was his favorite part.

"I like lots of them because I love taking off the frosting. It's good," he said.

Sage Skinner meanwhile was hard at work cutting out shapes, her favorite being the Christmas tree and stocking.

While Boswell's students seemed not to be too messy with only some covered in flour and drips here and there of frosting, ninth grader Jessica Bovee said that wasn't the case earlier in the week.

"Monday, they were throwing flour everywhere," she said.

Many of the high school students were having just as much fun as the younger students.

"It's nice helping the little kids. I like helping to cut out the cookies and seeing the shapes," 10th grader Sarah Lucey said.

Boswell could see her students' own excitement as well.

"They have been fantastic," she said. "They ask the first day in September, 'Are we getting to do kindergarten baking?'"

Moran's students were able to take the cookies back with them to school, where most were sent home.

But, the high school students won't be left out of the eating part. Boswell said that her students' treat will be this week to bake their own cookies.

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