By-gone winters on Horseshoe Island

Christmas Dinner -- Let's think venison (deer still live on the island in large numbers) or a wild turkey. Recipes from "The Methodical Cook," written by Mary Randolph 1831. Remember all was open-hearth cooking.

Turkey- after it is stuffed, put in a pot over the fire and cooks slowly--covered until done. Set on the turkey in time, that it may stew, as above; it is the best way to boil one to perfection.

Ham (from the smokehouse) -- boil it well, take off the skin and cover the top thickly with bread crumbs, put it in an oven to brown and serve it up. (Dutch over -- open fire)Winter squash (from the root cellar) - cut the crooked neck portion into one-inch slices, take off rind, boil them with salt in the water, drain them well before they are dished, and pour melted butter over -- serve them up very hot.

Flummery -- one measure of (home-made) jelly, one of cream, and half a one of wine, boil 15 minutes over low fire stirring all the time; sweeten it and add a spoonful of rose water; cool it in a mould, turn it on a dish, and pour around it cream.

Apple Pie -- (apples from the root cellar) -- Put a crust in the bottom of a dish, put on it a layer of ripe apples, pared and sliced thin -- then a layer of powdered sugar. Do this alternately until the dish is full; put in a teaspoonful or two of rose water and some cloves -- put on a crust and bake it.

Would you like to have lived in the "Good Old Days?"

Dorothy Heller is the town of Clay historian.

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