Skaneateles: Village suspends work on parking revision

"The planning and zoning boards found these regulations difficult to apply and as a result many matters were referred to the trustees for some form of relief," Green said.

Beginning last fall, a complete review of the off-street parking regulations was undertaken by the trustees who requested the preparation of a draft local law to amend those regulations. The draft has since been reviewed extensively and revised numerous times.

During the drafting process, the village board sought input from several sources including the planning and zoning boards, Code Enforcement Officer Jorge Batlle, local merchants, architects and design professionals.

"It was our intention that the draft local law would simplify the off-street parking regulations, remove a number of outdated and unnecessary provisions and provide clarity and simplicity for those who must interpret and enforce the regulations," Green said. "Most importantly, the draft local law would have grandfathered all existing buildings so that they would be considered in compliance with the off-street parking requirements."

Once drafted, the proposed law was put before the public and numerous public hearing sessions have been held where a number of people have spoken up and raised concerns or objections to some elements of the draft legislation.

According to Green, some people would like to see the parking space variance fee reduced or eliminated while others would like the board to "relax" or completely eliminate the off-street parking requirements. Several speakers also made arguments that there is no longer a "parking problem" in the village as a result of changes made to the regulation of the municipal lot and other parking spaces.

"While that may be an overstatement, it is clear that there has been improvement in the availability of public parking in the village," Green said.

Now, after nearly a year of revisions, discussion and reflection on the off-street parking requirements, Green said the board has decided to suspend work on the revisions.

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